See what people have been asking over the years:

What forms of payment do you accept?
We only accept payments via PayPal.

What is the cost for decoding my files?
You can see our price list by visiting the Prices page.

What kind of files do you decode?
We decode PHP files that are encoded with the following enocders:

  • arrow ByteRun
  • arrow CNCrypto
  • arrow CodeLock
  • arrow Eugen
  • arrow IonCube
  • arrow Kallisto
  • arrow Nu-Coder
  • arrow PHP Cipher
  • arrow PHP Ion
  • arrow PHP LockIt
  • arrow PHP Shield
  • arrow Source Cop
  • arrow Source Guardian
  • arrow Swyer PHP
  • arrow TrueBug
  • arrow Unicode Escaped Encoding
  • arrow Zend
  • arrow Zorex PHP Crypt
I am not sure how each of the specific encoded files look. Can you show me?
You can see examples of how each type of encoded file looks by visiting the Encoded Views page.

What do I need to do to get my file(s) decoded?
Please read our Procedures page for easy-to-follow instructions on what you need to do.

Can you decode my file(s) for free?
We do not offer a free service. All decoding jobs attract a fee. Please refer to our Prices page.

Can you send me my decoded file so that I can try it before paying you?
As per our Terms of Service, section (n), that will not be possible.

How long will it take to get back my decoded files?
It all depends on the number of files that you send us as well as the complexity of the encryption. For small amounts of files, we try to get them done in 24 to 48 hours.

Can I pre-pay for your service?
While that would be a nice gesture, we do not collect any money until after the decoding process has been completed and the customer is satisfied with the job that was done.

Can I send a single encoded file to see if you can decode all my files?
Yes you can. In fact, we would recommend it. This way, it would save you time sending us files that may pose a problem in decoding and we would be able to let you know whether or not we can decode your files.

Can I upload my files to your site instead of sending them via email?
That function is not available at this time. While you will see a link on the Pages menu for file uploads, that function is not yet available and is work in progress. As sonn as it becomes available, we will make a general announcement in the News section.

If I have many files and they are unable to be sent via email due to attachment size constraints, what can I do to get my files to you?
You can zip up all the files you want to send and try adding the zip file as an attachment to your email. If the zip file is still too big to be attached, please place the zip files in a directory on your website and send us the link to the file. Alternately, you can use WeTransfer to send us the files. In the "Email to" field, put decoders[at] (remember to replace '[at]' with '@').

Is it possible for you to test my decoded files on a live production server on your end to see if everything works fine?
While we cannot guarantee that all decoded files will be bug-free due to possible obfuscations implemented by the script writers of your encoded files, we can test your decoded PHP files on a live production server. For this to happen, you must take advatantage of our Server Operability Service (S.O.S.).

My server went down and my files got lost or corrupted. Do you keep copies of my decoded files so that I can get them back?
Our official policy is for files that have been paid for to be discarded within 24 hours after payment has been received and the file(s) sent to the client. Our un-official policy is for decoded files that have been paid for to be kept for 30 days after payment, after which time they are discarded. We do not offer a "cloud hosting service" where we keep decoded files indefinitely.

I do not see any testimonials on your site despite your being in operation for so many years. Why is that the case?

While testimonials are a nice concept, we take pride in knowing that we have been able to successfully help 97% of our clients get their files decoded. Once we get paid and they receive their files, they do not usually return to offer a testimonial and we do not ask them for any. We have had numerous repeat customers over the years, which speaks to the success of our business. The fact that we are still in business since 2010 shows that we are doing something right and that is testament enough for us to continue what we are doing.

I have a question to ask that has not been addressed here? How can I contact you for more information?
Please use our Contact Form.