Read about what's going on at Decoders World:

The Upload Files section of the site is now active. This means that you can upload your files to our servers directly from Decoders World. Please read the instructions provided carefully. You can visit the Upload Files page now by clicking here.
We have added the Decoders World Forums to the site for all persons who use our services.
In line with getting the website responsive to mobile devices, we have completely revamped the site with a new design. We have also re-branded KGB Decoders as "Decoders World" in keeping with our desire to make it easier to locate as well as have a more professional name and feel.
We now only accept PayPal as a means of payment.
Payoneer has been added as a second payment option. Whether or not you have a Payoneer account, you can make your payments using Payoneer.
KGB Decoders is now on a brand new domain, This recent change was made to further increase generic search engine rankings since the word "decoders" is now in the domain name. It will also be easier for customers to remember seeing that it uses the "KGB Decoders" name.
KGB Decoders is now on its own top-level domain, In addition, we have decided to completely remove the chat link as it has not been utilized by our customers in the past. Emailing us is still the best way to keep in touch.
We now offer a Server Operability Service (S.O.S.). Click here to read what it is all about.
We are still open for business. The chat link will be down for a while as we set up a new one to serve you, our valued customers, better. Decoding services are still functional nonetheless. If you need to contact us, please use the Contact Form.
The Encoded Views section has been updated.
We now offer decoding services for Unicode Escaped Encoding and Nu-Coder.
The pricing structure has been further amended to include a new price range for the decoding of files in excess of 700. An adjustment has also been made to the volume discount percentage. Please refer to Prices for more details.
The pricing structure has been amended to include more price decode ranges and for special case circumstances. Please refer to Prices for more details. In addition, AlertPay payments must now be made through Payza, and we have added SoildTrust Pay as a payment processor.
A new pricing structure has been implemented. Please refer to Prices for more details.
You can now chat to us live once an operator is online. If operators are offline, you can still leave a message. The image at the top of the right sidebar will indicate when an operator is online or offline. However, please follow the information found in the Procedures section when you want to send us your files to decode.
We now offer decoding service for Truebug, SourceGuardian, Swyer, PHP Cipher, CNCrypto, Kallisto, and Eugen encoded files.
The site is now open for business. Make sure you read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Procedures sections.
The functionalities of the website are being put together. Payment processor options added along with site content.
Site content updated.