What is S.O.S.?

If you would like us to test your decoded PHP files on a live production server, take advatantage of our Server Operability Service (S.O.S.). For a low payment of $15, we will place your decoded files on a live server to ensure that they work without any hitches. In order for us to carry out the S.O.S., you will need to provide us with all the files in the script that the decoded PHP files came from. We will then install the script onto the server and test it with the decoded files. If the files work without any issues, you will not be charged the $15. If we have to make changes to the script to correct any issues, then you will be charged the $15. We will advise you of the changes that had to be made. Just as with the decoding service, you will only be required to pay after we test the scripts.

When ordering our decoding service, make sure to mention that you want to utilize our S.O.S. We will be glad to assist you in having a properly functioning site after the decoded files are loaded onto your hosting service.