Please read the following instructions:

Please use this form to upload your file(s) as per the instructions found in OPTION 1 on the Procedures page. For your benefit, however, the instructions are stated below:

(1) File must be a ZIP (.zip) file. This is the case even if you are sending only 1 file as this helps to keep space usage to a minimum.

(2) Maximum upload size is 500 KB. If the ZIP file is bigger than 500 KB, please follow the procedures in OPTION 2 on the Procedures page.

(3) Please include a text file in the ZIP file that has your name, email address, and type of encoded file(s) you have in the ZIP file

(4) When sending files that are in directory format (for example, filestodecode/subdir1/subdir2), please zip the entire top directory so that all the encoded files in the subdirectories get added to the zip file.

Select ZIP file to upload: